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Literacy Week Reflection

Literacy Week was a phenomenal success! Students throughout the school participated in a number of fun and exciting cross-curricular events and activities including-spelling bees, debates, crossword puzzles, riddle solving, rhyming challenges, quizzes and lots more!


Teachers also continued their drive to reinforce keywords and to focus on The Literacy Ladder.


Several workshops took place across a variety of subjects and genres including film workshops and movie screenings in Spanish, Limerick and poetry writing, Irish language development and oral skills, blog and blurb writing skills, creative writing and persuasive writing development workshops and short story readings.


A number of Literacy related competitions were held throughout the week. As always in CBS, the standards were extremely high. Congratulations to all of the winners:   

  • Lucy Bray: Winner of the Anagram Challenge.
  • Kacper Jaroszyński: 1st place: Blogging Competition.
  • Ademola Okeeko and Casey Swaine: Joint second in the Blogging Competition.
  • Gemma Kelleher: Winner of the Literacy Ladder Competition.
  • Alex Swaine: Winner of the Spelling Bee
  • Rahim Mestour: Winner of the Limerick Competition.

One of the highlights of the week was the launch of the 1st year Book Club in Pearse Street Library. While attending this event, students were lucky enough to meet Padraig Kenny, author of their chosen book ‘Tin’, who hosted a lively and interactive Q & A session and gave a very interesting presentation on the writing and publishing process.


Junior Cycle students also participated in a Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) initiative. This initiative represents a great way of promoting reading to large groups of students at one time. During the DEAR initiative last week, all participants set down their classwork and took out a text to read for 20 minutes. Texts ranged from novels, plays, biographies to magazines, graphic novels and comics.

DEAR is a shared experience which gets students talking about books and reading while also conveying a strong message that CBS believes in the importance of reading (for a purpose but also for pleasure). During the event, students read, teachers read, the secretary and the caretaker read. Even visitors to the school were offered books or magazines to look through.   Well done to all those who took part in such a successful event.

Another exciting event that took place during Literacy Week was the unveiling of a collaboration between the Art Department and the English Department. Ms. Lawlor and TY students created a ‘Literacy and Numeracy’ staircase project, where each step in the school’s staircase were adorned with famous literary quotes/words of the week/numeracy puzzles. Well done to Ms. Lawlor and Transition year students on their phenomenal work.


A big thank you to Ms Riddick for all her hard work in organising Literacy Week. It was a fantastic success!


Make sure to visit the Gallery section of the website to see more photos from the week