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Admissions Policy

CBS Westland Row welcomes all students and aims to provide an integrated and an inclusive education.  The school can currently cater for 40 first year pupils depending on resource allocation by the DES. In the case of over subscription the students from Scoil Catriona will be given first priority followed by students from City Quay.   Available places will then be allocated to those in the catchment area on a first come first served basis.


Students who are eligible for admission

  • Having reached the required age:  12 on 1st January following the child’s entry into First Year.
  • Be no more than 19 on the 1st January following the child’s entry into the school.
  • Having completed 6th Class in primary school or the equivalent in their country of origin.
  • Be willing to accept the school ethos.
  • Be willing, with parents/guardians to accept the school Code of Discipline.  Confirmation in writing, may be required, that parents/guardians and student accept the Code of Discipline.
  • Students who live in the catchment area stretching from O’Connell St. Bridge to Ringsend, Mount Street, Merrion Square and back to O’Connell Bridge.
  • Brothers/sisters of present students
  • Brothers/sisters of past pupils.

Where the number of applicants is greater than the number of available places, the Board of Management will apply the following selection criteria in relation to applications received no later than the last day of March 2011.


Places will be allocated in the following order:

  1. Brothers/sisters of present pupils
  2. Brothers/sisters of past pupils
  3. Students from Scoil Caitriona in Baggot Street
  4. Students from City Quay Primary School
  5. Students other than those in categories 1 to 4 above who live in the catchment area on a first come first served basis
  6. Students from outside the catchment area on a first come first served basis

A meeting of parents/guardians of all incoming first years is held in May each year and all parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend.


Children with Additional Needs

The Board of Management will welcome pupils with Special Educational Needs.  Having been informed of such needs, the School will liaise with the feeder primary school to assess the students’ needs well in advance of entry to the school.  Where relevant, the school will apply to the DES for the resources to support the student. There is a clear need for ongoing liaison between the second level school, parents/guardians and the feeder primary school to allow for access to this information.

The BoM will therefore endeavour:

  • To take steps at an early stage to identify children with special needs who may be applying for admission to the school, and to become familiar with their needs.
  • To request a copy of child’s medical/psychological report/individual educational report if available.


  • To request immediate assessment

In order to assist the school in establishing educational and training needs of the child relevant to his/her additional needs and to profile the support services required.

  • Having gathered all the relevant information, the Board will assess how the students’ needs can be met.
  • If further resources are required, the DES will be requested to provide the resources eg. SNA, specialised equipment or furniture, transport etc.
  • Requests to the DES will be made in writing and made at an early stage.
  • The principal or his/her representative will meet the parents to discuss the child’s needs and schools capability to meet the child’s needs.
  • It may be necessary in certain cases to have a full case conference involving all the professionals working with the child/family.
  • The BoM will do all it can to identify, plan and provide for the needs of the special needs or less able child seeking admission to the school.
  • Final confirmation of a place, may in exceptional cases only be given when the DES/School can confirm that the necessary resources and supports are in place.  It may take some time for the DES to confirm allocation of resources and this may delay the allocation of a place for the student concerned.

As soon as it is practical, but not later than 21 days after a parent has provided the relevant information, the BoM shall  make a decision in respect of the application concerned and inform the parents in writing thereof. Parents/guardians may appeal the decision not to accept a student to the Board of Management as per the Education Welfare Act (Section 19, (3))  If unhappy with the decision of the BoM the Parents/guardians may appeal to the DES under Section 29 of the Education Welfare Act 1998.


Transfer of Students from another School

The school will make every reasonable effort to facilitate a student seeking a transfer to our school.  The Board of Management will decide on admission to any other year other than first year by applying the following criteria:

The Principal, in consultation with the staff will decide whether or not a transfer:

  • Is in agreement with School Admission Policy
  • Is in the best interest of the student
  • Is in the best interest of the school
  • Is of educational benefit to the student
  • That all relevant information from former school is made available.
  • That the DES approves the transfer
  • A consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer is necessary


Where a student is not offered a place, the decision of the school can be appealed to the BoM, in consultation with the student’s parents/guardians, his/her former school and the Educational Welfare Officer.  The Board may decide such a place may be offered, immediately, or whether it would be better to wait till the beginning of the next academic year or uphold the original decision taken by the principal. If unhappy with the decision of the BoM the Parents/guardians may appeal to the DES under Section 29 of the Education Welfare Act 1998.


Enrolment Procedure

Notification of Enrolment dates are as follows:-the HSCL teacher from Westland Row will call to the primary schools in the catchment area notifying the students and principals of the enrolment procedures and deadlines and dates for the open day.  Application forms will be distributed at this stage or may be requested directly from the school office. The parents/guardians must return the Application Form for admission to First Year by the last day of March each year. The school will confirm in writing within 21 days if the application is accepted.  In the case where the student has additional needs the school must be furnished with all the required information and must then await confirmation from the DES granting the additional resources prior to informing parents/guardians of allocation of a place.

There will be an assessment test each Spring. Each student is required to sit this assessment in order to best assess their needs and plan for how these needs might be best met.  Attainment on this test has no bearing on acceptance into the school.

Late applications will be considered where there are places still available.  


Refusal of Admission

The BoM reserves the right to refuse an application for admission in exceptional circumstances.

A refusal shall only be made  within 14 days and in accordance with the policy of the school published under Section 15(2)(d) of the Education Act 1998, Education (Welfare)Act 2000. (Section 19(1)

Should a student’s application for admission be refused the parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the BoM.  The parents/guardians are informed in writing of the Board’s decision and the reason why the student was not accepted will be  stated. The right to appeal to the Secretary General of the DES, (Education Act 1998, Section 29 (d) should be stated and the application form should be included in the correspondence.  (Circular M48/01) The appeal must be made within 42 calendar days from the date the decision of the BoM was notified to the parents/guardians concerned and the school must be informed in writing of the decision to appeal to the DES.  (Circular M48/01)


Data Protection:

CBS Westland Row is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. Personal data provided on the enrolment form will be used for the purposes of student enrolment, registration, administration, child welfare and to fulfil any other legal obligations. While the information provided will generally be treated as confidential to the school, from time to time it may be necessary to exchange personal data on a confidential basis with other bodies including the DES, Department of Social and Family Affairs, An Garda Siochana, The Health Services Executive and the National Educational Welfare Board.

Contact details will be used to notify you of school events or activities. We rely on parents/guardians to provide us with accurate and complete information and to update us in relation to any change in the information provided.  Should you wish to update us in relation to any change in your sons/daughters personal data you should write to the school principal.