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Anti-Bullying Policy

This is a working document and will continue to be developed in line with the needs of the school. 


CBS Westland Row has a proud tradition of inclusion and values each and every student for who they are. The cornerstone of our work is the strong and meaningful relationship between students and staff. This policy has been drawn up with a focus on the wellbeing of students, staff, parents and visitors to the school. This policy will endeavor to address any issues that may arise in relation to bullying and will enable and support staff, parents and students to deal with the complex and often upsetting situations that arise in relation to bullying.


This policy will apply in the following situations and at the followings times:

  • During school times, including break times, before and after school in the school building.
  • At any other location or event where staff or students are representing the school.
  • Other forms of communication for example telephone, texting email, social networks related to school activities.


We endeavour at all times to:

  • Create a positive, safe and happy environment for everyone in the school community.
  • To meet the requirement of the Department of Education and Skills, child protection guidelines and procedures for post-primary schools and to produce and update at regular intervals an anti-bullying policy appropriate to and reflective of our school environment.
  • To promote ownership, partnership and implementation of the policy by involving all members of the schools community in developing, formulating and reviewing the policy.



Anti-bullying Policy and Mission Statement


Our mission statement clearly states our commitment to the whole school community and our website states that we offer a school place where your child is “known and valued”.


CBS Westland Row is an Edmund Rice School and as such we:

  • Promote partnership in the school community.
  • Make everyone feel welcome.
  • Create a real sense of belonging to the school community.
  • Share a mutual respect and interdependence.
  • Build a Christian community with a shared vision and mission.
  • Recognise the voice of students, staff and parents.
  • Respect the role of management and trustees.


Goals and Objectives


  • To create a school ethos based on positive and meaningful relationships which encourages students to disclose and discuss incidents of bullying behaviour.
  • To raise awareness of bullying, as an unacceptable form of behaviour, with school management, teachers, students, parents and guardians.
  • To adopt a cross curricular approach to raising awareness of the factors associated with bullying behaviour and developing the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviour to prevent this type of behaviour.
  • To ensure that there is adequate and appropriate supervision of students to ensure that bullying is limited as far as possible.
  • To develop procedures for the reporting and recording of incidents of bullying behaviour.
  • To develop procedures for investigating and dealing with incidents of bullying behaviour.
  • To encourage and foster an ethos of forgiveness and reconciling where possible.
  • To support and develop systems of support for those affected by bullying behaviour and those involved in bullying behaviour.
  • To work with, in a meaningful way with interagency supports to counteract all forms of bullying and anti-social behaviour.
  • To create a sense of pride in our school and students that will uphold the Christian values that we hold dear.
  • To nurture and enhance the self-esteem of both students and staff thereby lessening the chances of bullying behaviour.
  • To support families where a student is being bullied or where the student is engaging in bullying behaviour.
  • To foster a spirit of resilience and supply both staff and students with the tools for effective and resourceful self-management.


What is bullying?


Bullying is defined as “repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or group against others”.

Bullying includes any form of harassment or inappropriate behaviour. This includes physical, psychological, emotional, and racial or sexual harassment of any kind or any threat of such abuse.


Types of bullying behaviour (these may be physical, verbal or psychological in nature)

  • Harassment based on any of the nine grounds in the equality legislation e.g. sexual harassment homophobic bullying or racist bullying
  • Physical aggression
  • Damage to personal property
  • Name calling
  • Slagging
  • The production, display or circulation of any written material or pictures aimed at hurting or intimidating another individual
  • Graffiti
  • Extortion
  • Intimidation
  • Gestures
  • Mimicking
  • Invasion of personal space
  • Abusive phone calls or messages or e-mails
  • Spreading negative, false or hurtful rumours
  • Taunting or constant comments regarding any aspect of another students persona
  • Discrimination, prejudice, comments or insults regarding race, religion, culture, nationality, social class
  • Bullying of students with disabilities or special education needs
  • Exclusion of other students
  • Gossiping in close proximity so that other students can hear
  • “The Look”



CBS Westland Row will strive to raise awareness and prevent bullying in a strategic and pro-active way.

In the school:

  • The class tutor
  • The class teacher
  • The care team
  • The attendance team
  • The transition programme
  • The respect programme
  • The after-school clubs
  • The student council
  • The R.S.E. programme
  • Whole staff
  • Positive behaviour reinforcement
  • Raise student awareness and parental awareness
  • Supervision and monitoring of students during breaks, trips, activities etc.
  • Anti-bullying print rich environment
  • General overall respectful behaviour for all
  • Respect for everyone

Procedures for dealing with incidents of bullying behaviour:

  • Students should all be made aware that it is okay to tell an adult and that they will be listened to. The term “ratting” should be undermined and weakened as a long-term strategy. A culture of secrecy is not acceptable and is ultimately dangerous.
  • All reports of bullying should be noted, investigated and dealt with as soon as possible, thereby encouraging confidence in “telling” amongst students and staff.
  • Serious cases of bullying should be reported immediately to the principal or vice principal
  • Students should report any concerns in relation to bullying to their class tutor or one of their class teachers
  • Non-teaching staff should report incidents of bullying behaviour witnessed by them to the appropriate teaching members of staff
  • A complaint concerning a staff member should be raised by the staff member in conversation with management. Thereafter the complaints and disciplinary procedures will be followed as appropriate.

Formal procedures:

  • This anti bullying policy states that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Our aim is to resolve any incident in a fair, sensitive and effective way.
  • Questions asked: who, what, when, where and why?
  • In dealing with bullying the school and staff will take a calm problem solving approach
  • All incidents of bullying will be recorded
  • Appropriate staff will interview all students involved in any incident.
  • In serious cases where the issue has not been resolved or it is considered that the bullying has not been addressed the issue will be reported to Tusla and the Board of Management will be notified.
  • The class tutor will be kept informed of all incidents.
  • Actions being taken by the school and the reasons for them will be clearly explained to the students involved and their parents and guardians.
  • If the incident is deemed to be minor, a verbal warning will be given to the student to stop the inappropriate behaviour pointing out how he/she is in breach of the code of behaviour and efforts made to get him/her to see the situation from the victim’s point of view.
  • If it is appropriate the parents/guardians may be contacted. A meeting will be arranged with the parents/student and school management. A student may be suspended internally and may face subsequent suspension if the behaviour does not cease. The incident will be recorded on the students file and the victim will be given every support to ensure their safety and well-being. Counselling may be offered in certain situations.
  • In case of cyber-bullying the Internet Acceptable Use Policy will be adhered to as well as the Anti-Bullying Policy and the same procedures and sanctions will be employed.