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Trinity Access Programme

Participation in the Trinity Access 21 Programme (TA21) is only available to a small number of partner schools. CBS Westland Row is one of those schools.

The TA21 programme works with CBS Westland Row to:

  • get students involved in learning
  • increase students’ interest in going to university
  • improve students’ exam results at junior and senior cycle
  • help create a college-going culture within the school
  • encourage parents and guardians to support academic achievement among their children.  

To achieve these goals, the Trinity Access 21 programme offers a variety of outreach activities to schools. These activities take place in school and on the Trinity campus. Trinity academic staff and our TA21 ambassadors help to run these activities. Our TA21 Project Leader in CBS Westland Row is Mr Flynn.

TA21 also offers two access routes into Trinity College if you are a non-traditional student:

University Access Courses

This is a one-year, full-time course that prepare students to go on and study at degree level in Trinity.

The Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)

HEAR is a college and university admissions scheme for school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Eligible students compete for a quota of reduced point’s places in the colleges that run HEAR. Students who get a college or university place through HEAR also get a range of personal, academic and social supports while they are studying at third level.


CBS Westland Row TA21 September/October Update


Schools and Teachers Data Reports

This spring, we took part in the largest data survey in TA21 history, measuring the activities and opinions of thousands of students and teachers in  linked schools.

Over the next few months, the hope is to use the data contained within these reports to help put in place an implementation plan for growth and development focused on the TA21 three core practices : Pathways to College, Mentoring and Leadership in Learning.  


Walton Club

We put forward two candidates for the Walton Club in early September. They earned their candidacy due to their high performance in school in their first year. The Walton Club is a STEM based initiative.  They both completed the difficult aptitude test and were successful in their applications. The programme will run from September to May.


AYP JP Morgan Programme

One of our 6th year students has returned from her summer with nothing but positive reports about her participation in the Advancing Young Professionals programme in JP Morgan which took place for two weeks during our break from school. The programme aims to show what it is like to work in Banking and Finance and also what it is like to study courses like Business in College. In the following months it will also aim to give :   

  • A dedicated mentor from J.P. Morgan for the remainder of her second-level studies
  • University application and academic support


Teacher Training

A Teacher Workshop on Digital Media Literacy was offered to teachers as part of the Digital Media module on the Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning. 

On Saturday 12th October teacher training was offered to staff on the following topics:

Problem Solving/Computational Thinking

Information Literacy through Contexualised Enquiry

Pathways to Law

Invitations to the Pathways to Law initiative were extended to 5th year students to join the two-year programme. The aim of Pathways to Law is to show students what it is like to study law at college, and what the work of barristers and solicitors involves. Those who take part will attend a number of events in Trinity College Dublin, in the Law Society and at the Bar Council over the course of 5th and 6th Year. 


Campus Tours

We have applied for a campus tour for 2nd year students.


Community Mentoring Programme

We have applied for the Community Mentoring Programme for both 2nd years and TY.  Mentors are a valuable community resource who help to share information and advice about their college experience, helping prospective students build their awareness of college courses, how to apply, and the benefits of a college education. 


English Lecture Series

This course, delivered by Trinity academics, introduces major authors of poetry, drama and prose through close examination of selected texts, chosen from among those prescribed for the Leaving Certificate.  Seventeen of our sixth year students have signed up to attend these lectures.


TCD Study Room Access

We are endeavouring, with the help of TA21, to get student access to study facilities on the TCD campus for the rest of the year. At present twelve sixth year students have applied for the opportunity.


Freiraum language and culture programme

Freiraum, our six-month programme for TY students interested in learning and studying languages and cultures at third level began in October. We have put forward three candidates who were successful and have begun the programme.


Parent Teacher Meeting

A TA21 representative will attend the upcoming parent teacher meeting to speak to any parents interested in the programme.


TAP Ambassador visits during College Awareness Week


This year, College Awareness Week takes place from 17th to 30th November and during that week we're organising visits from TAP ambassadors - one Foundation course alumni, and one who came through the HEAR route - to our school to talk to our senior cycle students about going to college, alternative entry routes and supports within third level. 


Scholars Ireland Programme 2019

Scholars Ireland is designed to give young people an authentic experience of university. From being taught by PhD tutors, to studying undergraduate-style topics, we aim to break down barriers to university. Each programme includes 6 pupils and 1 PhD tutor. Pupils study the same course. 

Our students enrolled in this programme will meet on Wednesdays at 2.15-3.15 pm and they are studying "The Social Impact of Corporate Law". The programme will run until Christmas.


Creative Arts Workshops

This project aims to empower students by enabling them to participate in leadership projects which will be focused on increasing awareness and engagement in the community with creative arts. This project will introduce students to the spaces they may have thought of as not for them and not their own. Theatres, galleries, writing centres and concert halls are all on the city's doorstep yet many of us feel these places aren't for us nor are they a place to feel at home or comfortable. This series of five workshops are aimed at 4th year students. Each workshop will provide an interactive introduction into different aspects of the creative arts. These workshops will take place on the last Thursday of the month from October 2019 to February 2020 (excl. December). We enrolled five successful candidates for this programme.


Taste of TAP:

The Trinity Access Programmes Foundation Course is a yearlong, full time course in Trinity College which aims to prepare students for degree level studies.

The Taste of TAP Day on November 6th, will give 6th year students who are interested in studying on the Foundation Course with the opportunity to try the course out for a day. They will: 

  • Attend sample lectures
  • Find out how to apply for the course
  • Meet graduates of the course
  • Meet course tutors
  • Have a campus tour
  • Have Lunch

Two of our 6th year students will attend this on campus access day